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Very organized and VERY professional-looking site! Can't wait to meet you at The Cup this Friday! WOW!
- Andy Gallun
Hey, the site looks great guys, keep it up. God Bless!!!
- Tyler McGovern
What an awesome website redesign! Now that you've risen the bar I think I know what I'll be spending my time on in the off season...
- Ron Anderson
The new site looks great Nick! Awesome job!
- Ashley Howard
Sweet it looks really awsome good job nick, and tim
- Stephen Johnson
friend of Mike Pruitt seen both videos love what you do keep it up. If you ever need drag bike footage let me know i go racing as often as i can -Joshua
- Joshua Gulley
- Phil Bechtel
Hey brothers, sisters- Have you thought about NLF gear? Shirts? Beanies? Just a thought.
- Eric D
Tim, Nick, NLF crew- Revelation X is sick!!! Excellent work! Finally a flic w/ a carnage section, a rare commodity these days. Excellent diversity among athletes as well. Lets do an event in Jackson Hole!! For His glory...
- Eric Davis
the new website looks awesome Nick!
- Adam Kirschner